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“Psych Yourself” The Follow Up To “Test Yourself: Psychology!” Out Next Week

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Psych Yourself, the follow up to the 2011 PSN title Test Yourself: Psychology, will be making its debut on the PlayStation Store next week for $6.99

“Psych Yourself provides the game consumer with a whole new experience,” says Vlad Starzhevsky, CEO of Creat Studios Inc. “Test Yourself was good at testing and training your innate abilities such as Intelligence, Attention Span, Reaction Times and Memory. Psych Yourself goes to the next level, delving into your inner-most psyche and discovering what kind of person you really are.”

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As with Test Yourself, the “game” is all about taking different tests which will tell you about your personality traits. Unlike Test Yourself there aren’t reflex tests or anything like that, this time it is about delving deep into your inner most ego. I am interested in the emotion iq tests, as I like to think I am pretty good at reading people.

There is a daily training test as well, like with most games in this genre. There are also social features but at this time I am unsure if it is more of grabbing stuff from your PSN friends like with Test Yourself or something bigger.

We will grab the game next week and let you know.