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PSNStores Tips & Tricks 2: This Thing Has Buttons?

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Welcome to the second PSNStores Tips & Tricks video featuring a couple fairly common Vita system tips. I’ve included two tips this time, both of which were submitted by readers.

This first tip was submitted by @fardeenah and will teach you that there is another way to control that lovely Vita OS other than touching the screen. Early in the Vita’s life there was only one way to interact with the home screens and system apps. Until one day a software update added an option that when toggled would allow system navigation via the physical buttons. This even works within most apps like the Vita’s PSN Store and Settings.

The second tip comes from @MrPsVitaReviews who says it will really help save your battery. There is a somewhat hidden menu accessible simply by long-pressing the PS button. Gain quick access to the screen brightness slider, a music volume slider, a toggle for disabling the mic, and a toggle for prioritizing Party Chat audio. If you’re playing a custom soundtrack from the Music app, this menu even has quick controls to change tracks or pause.

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