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PSNStores Tips & Tricks 1: Install Game Updates In The Background

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Are you guys ready for a new PSNStores feature? This one will involve plenty of community involvement. We want YOU (points finger aggressively at screen) to send us your useful tips and tricks for operating your PS3 or Vita. We also want your gameplay tips and tricks.

To kick this off, here’s a helpful tip that utilizes a little bit of PlayStation Plus love on your Vita. It solves a problem many Vita owners don’t know can easily be avoided: being forced to quit the game your playing just to install title updates for other games. With PlayStation Plus, updates can be automatically downloaded even while your system is suspended. You can of course manually check for updates and download those in the background as part of the Vita’s ability to multitask.

I usually check my Vita notifications for any automatically downloaded game updates every morning. More often than not, there will be a LittleBigPlanet Vita update, or an update to a new game I recently installed but never booted up. The problem is that I always have a game session suspended and to install the update for another game would normally mean launching it, which will trigger a dialog asking me to quit the active game. There is another way and this video will show you that you don’t have to quit the game if all you want to do is install those lingering title updates.

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