PSNStores Play: Dark Mist – Episode 2

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We are starting something new here on PSNStores and if you can’t guess from the title it has to do with playing some games.

In PSNStores Play, we take a trip back and one of the editors plays through a favorite title of theirs that released on the PlayStation Network some time ago. Most of these videos will be from games released before 2012 and it will encompass the entire game. Because we like you all it is split up in manageable chunks, roughly 20 to 30 minutes. We haven’t decided a schedule for releasing these, but it will most likely be twice a week.

Dark Mist was released in 2007 and, despite seeing a release in both Japan and Europe, never made it to the US. As part of our new PSNStores Play series I’ve decided to share my first playthrough of the game with our readers (viewers?)!

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

  • I don’t understand the point of this game exactly, but it sure looks like fun. I suppose I will have to create an Europe account to try this.

    • Chris

      I would get it from the HK store as it is in English + DLC

  • Be warned though the UK version doesnt have the paid DLC (not that I could find anywhere on the store) that the Jap and HK versions do. It includes more characters, EX levels and an online Arena battle mode. The HK version is in english though. It is a nice little challenging game though. Thanks for these play vids, helpful if you own the Japanese version as I do.

    • Thanks for the tip mate, might check the other stores as soon my PS3 gets repaired.