SCEJ Will Be Having A Vita Presentation Today (Over)

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Update 2

The biggest news to come out of this was that the Vita will be seeing a price cut in Japan starting Feb 28th. The new price will be ¥19,980 and both models (3G and WiFi) will be on sale at that price.

Update 1

The time has finally come: Vita Heaven 2 is upon us. It seems that Sony has learned from last time and will be doing a live webcast in contrast to just releasing videos on their Youtube page.

The presentation will be given by SCEJ president Hiroshi Kawano and will start at 5:00pm tonight (Japanese time). You will be able to view it via this link or right here on PSNStores.

There is no word on what will be shown (game footage is promised), but we will be sure to update this page with any information. Could Sony be getting some Vita news out ahead of the PlayStation event later this week?

  • I believe thats midnight PST if anyone is wondering

    • Chris

      That is correct

  • KosmoCrisis

    Are we speculating here until the live stream? Will it be entirely in Japanese anyway? I miss having my Japanese speaking coworkers around me at Sony right about now!

  • Freelance

    Love the movie. The first one anyway. The sequel is crud.

    • Chris

      I think I need to rewatch it. Has been a long time

    • Freelance

      Just don’t watch the TV show. That’s even worse.

  • …… So….. Vita got a price drop, in Japan.

  • Deaderthandead

    The Vita is DEAD, live with it!