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Rock Band DLC Halts Production On April 2nd

Posted by on February 18th, 2013 | 1 Comment | Tags:

The hard working folks at Harmonix have been making Rock Band DLC tracks for the past 5 years with no breaks in 275 weeks. They have earned the right to announce that they will officially cease production of DLC after the April 2nd update bringing their song total to over 4,000 songs.

Rock Band Network tracks can continue to be released for Xbox 360 by way of XNA, but Harmonix was responsible for releasing RBN tracks on PSN and therefore this will also cease to continue on April 2nd. “Rock Central servers, leaderboards, and the Music Store should continue to run without interruption for the foreseeable future.” RockBand.com and Rock Band World on Facebook will get reduced support, but will continue to function.

Harmonix says they will use their live stream as they always have, but also to showcase their new IPs once they are ready to do so. No one but Harmonix knows what they are working on at the moment. They did mention that this is not the end of Rock Band, just regular DLC releases, and a Rock Band sequel is not currently in development.

As a special thank you to the fans that made the massive library of songs possible, Harmonix intends to continue offering roughly a quarter of all the songs at a 50% discount. If you haven’t downloaded Rock Band Blitz, read our review here. We encourage you to follow @RockBand on Twitter and bookmark their website to get updates on what they are working on. What do you think could come from Harmonix next if not a new Rock Band game?