Redneck MOBA Action Coming to PS3 and PSVita with Deathmatch Village

Posted by on February 18th, 2013 | 1 Comment | Tags:

Deathmatch Village is an upcoming Free-to-Play PS3/PSVita MOBA featuring “unique redneck design”. The game features frenetic three-on-three action as well as a village that you’ll be able to visit to customize your character as well as your load-out.

Deathmatch Village will feature cross-play and cross-save support, customizable characters, unlockable weapons, villages to build up, Pig Hunt and Pig Race modes and everyone gets their very own ‘trusty donkey’. That’s currently about all the information we have on this upcoming Pig-Snatching MOBA but if you’re interested in more you might want to drop an email to beta@freekygames.com for an opportunity to get access to the beta. (Beta is PS3 only.)

I really like the design of the character in our banner image above. Hopefully we’ll have a chance to learn more about Deathmatch Village very soon.

[Source: EU PlayStation Blog]