PlayStation Home Arcade App Arrives On PS Vita Today

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We’ve previously reported on the PlayStation Home Arcade App just over a month ago in regards to Europe. As of today it’ll be available on the US store as a free download. The app will give you access to Arcade games that were previously only available in PlayStation Home. With the app users will have access to Icebreaker, WipEout 2D as well as a demo for Scribble Shooter for free. Purchasing any of the games through the app or in PlayStation Home will entitle you to a copy on both the PS3 and the PS Vita. (#YOPO)

The following is what will be available to those who download the app later today:

Icebreaker (Free)
WipEout 2D (Free)
Scribble Shooter (Demo available for Free) – $1.49
Frogger – $1.49
Time Pilot – $1.49
Asteroids – $1.49
Centipede- $1.49
Astrosmash Gen2 – $1.49
Shark! Shark! Gen2 – $1.49
Mad Blocker – $1.49

[Source: US PlayStation Blog]