[Update] Let’s Try To Guess March’s North American PS+ Releases

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Update: Here are the games slated to come to PS+ this month.

Spec Ops: The Line (PS3)
Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention (PS Vita)
Joe Danger 2: The Movie (PS3)
Tekken 6 (PSP; Supported on PS Vita)
The Cave (PS3)

3 out of 5 were guessed correctly in the comments! Good work all.

So Morgan Haro teased the upcoming Instant Game Collection titles for March on this week’s PlayStation Blogcast. He was cryptic, but he did give us a fair amount of clues. So let’s see if we can figure out what the games will be:

Game #1
Big critically acclaimed shooter
Turned the world on its head in terms of what to expect from a shooter

Game #2
A SRPG for Vita

Game #3
A Fighting game

Game# 4
PSN Game
Highly acclaimed writer
Famous video game luminary responsible for putting that game together
Fairly recently released

What do you think each game is? We will find out for sure on Monday.

  • Chris

    SRPG for Vita smells like Disgaea

    • That sounds right. I bet #4 is The Cave, Spec Ops is a sound guess, and Mortal Kombat or Mortal Kombat vs DC.

    • Injustice comes out in April, so they’ll probably push previous products.

    • KosmoCrisis

      At the pace NA has been going, my money (or lack thereof) is on Dungeon Hunter Alliance. That would suck.

  • Wilbur

    fighting game…. Mortal Kombat for Vita….?

    • Chris

      Didn’t that happen already? I don’t remember

    • Wilbur

      Not for N.A. I know EU got Mortal Kombat in December or November

    • Chris

      AH that is why

    • Chris

      Europe is getting DOA5, so that could be a possibility

  • Chris

    Spec Ops sounds like the first game.

    • dishonored….

    • MonsieurEek

      My first thought was Bulletstorm, but Spec Ops maybe fits even better, though it seems a bit recent.

    • KosmoCrisis

      Spec Ops sounds good, but my fingers are crossed for Borderlands 2.

  • Eramo88

    Didnt listen to the Blogcast so i’m wondering are they giving one game each week throughout march?

    Also i think the shooter might CS:GO

    and the Vita SRPG might be Army Corps of Hell.. if thats considered SRPG

    • Chris

      Yea it is still weekly, but they are announcing them all at once now

    • Eramo88

      Oh i see. Not sure how i like knowing all the games at once. I like the surprise on Mondays lol

      Also Thanks!

  • Game #1 is Inversion
    Game #4 is Unfinished Swan

  • 1. Spec Ops the Line
    4. The Cave

  • #1 MAG? lol
    #2 Disgaea?

    #3 P4 Arena (hopefully!)
    #4 The Cave

  • Jean

    I wonder if Mass Effect qualifies for a shooter…

  • himbler

    wonderbook (sigh)

    • a) Wonderbook isn’t a game. It’s the actual book.
      b) “Book of Spells” is the game.
      c) It’s not a PSN game. It’s on bluray.

  • The first one may be Portal 2… After all it is a FPS kinda and it did turned the world on its head

  • BadGenome

    Definitely Binary Domain!

  • Resistence, the first game

  • edomon007

    Spec ops: the line
    Disgaea 3 (vita)
    Persona 4: Arena
    The Cave

  • 2. Disgaea 3, or as a surprise Rainbow Moon. Been a long time since we got a new release for free. And it would make sense with the sequel announcement.
    3. Dead or Alive 5. Europe’s getting it. It supports cross features with Do5+ so it’d be sort of neat to have.
    4. The Cave, no doubt.