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Friend Network and Imaginstruments Coming to North America

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Earlier today, SCEA announced two new apps coming to PlayStation Vita. Both Friend Network and Imaginstruments were previously released in other territories, and will finally make their North American debut this Spring.

Friend Network is the Vita’s answer to PlayStation Home. Guided by Toro the Cat, the basic goal of Friend Network seems to be to max out your PSN friends list to the full 100 friend capacity. The methods to which Friend Network helps you do this is where it shines. If normal online gaming isn’t quite working, Friend Network will be the one-stop-shop for all your PSN friendship needs.  Parade around colorful social lobbies as your PSN avatar floating atop a customizable cutout body with floating appendages, a la Rayman.

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In Friend Network, “players can grow their own unique town space” where those not fully satisfied with popularity can virtually further themselves by requesting jobs from friends such as “planting crops in their garden.” Friend Network integrates directly with Twitter and Facebook to allow further PSN friendships across these social networks. Like a full head of hair, use Friend Network to “maintain and grow your PSN friends list!”

Imaginstruments is Sony’s second attempt to make a music creation tool, this time natively for Vita. Sony has confirmed that players will not need a Ph.D in music theory and composition (phew) to create drum tracks using “Passive” mode or melodies using “Active” mode. A “Sequencer” mode takes both the created drum track and melody track to help assemble a song and record, later to be saved onto a Vita memory card.

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PSNStores will provide more details on both of these apps as said details arise. You can also count on a hands-on account of both Friend Network and Imaginstruments as soon as they come within handling distance.

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