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Corpse Party: Book of Shadows Coming To PSP Next Week!

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The original Corpse Party was fantastic. Perhaps even one of my personal favorite PSP games ever. Despite eagerly anticipating the next Corpse Party title this somehow still sneaked up on me. Corpse Party: Book of Shadows, which I suppose isn’t completely a sequel but instead more of a “what if”, will be available next Tuesday for the PSP and will be playable on the PS Vita for $19.99. (Those of you in Europe will have to wait “a short while” unfortunately.)

The original Corpse Party took place across five chapters telling different parts of one overarching story. Eventually they converged together as the story hit it’s climax and things went from there. This time however Book of Shadows contains eight chapters that each tell standalone stories. Some act as alternate universes following the characters from the original Corpse Party while others act as prequels and the eighth and final chapter seems to actually continue where the original game left off.

We’ve got a short trailer above for those of you interested. If the sequel is anything like the first then Book of Shadows should be something to be excited about come next week. Though I’d also urge anyone interested to look into the original Corpse Party as these games are VERY story driven.