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Let’s Fish: Hooked On Snags A Website, Release Date Soon

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We’ve brought you a Q&A session with the developers and publishers of Let’s Fish: Hooked On for the Vita. Now there is an official website hosting all the pics and the one video, all in one place. Additionally, information about the game’s launch date will be coming soon.

Hop on over to the Let’s Fish Game website to learn the latest and view all the media on the game you can. The current news is how the website went live. As I’ve said before, the folks over at Wired Productions know how to tease a game.

The site is actually really handy for getting familiar with the game’s four characters and all the different modes to play with. Including one called Underwater Mode, where you can observe the fish you’ve caught from an underwater perspective. Use the Vita’s built in gyroscope to move the camera.

Wired has been kind to PSNStores, and we are hopeful about bring our readers a surprise soon. I think we’ve all waited this long for a fishing game to come to Vita, and if you’re still following along, then I hope you can wait a little while longer.