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Europe Gets Spyro the Dragon PS one Titles on December 12

Posted by on December 7th, 2012 | 2 Comments | Tags: , ,

It looks as though the European PlayStation Network is about to do a PS One classics push starting with Spyro the Dragon. All three of the Insomniac developed PS One originals will come to the EU PSN Store on December 12, and there may be more classics to come.

There are two things that tip us off to the high probability that this is just the beginning to more PS One titles for Europe. The first is from what Jawad Ashraf writes in this PS blog post: “…lots of requests from you, the community.” I seriously doubt the community only asked for Spyro to be released.

The second clue is much more obviously written:

With your help, let this re-emergence of Spyro open the gates for more titles from the PSOne era that we shall never forget.

All three classic Spyro games come with a caveat, they are not original PAL releases. In fact, they are NTSC releases, the same ones North America has had for a very long time. The same ones that North American PS Plus subscribers were given for free back before the Instant Game Collection.

If you are reading this from your humble abode in the European territories, take this opportunity to let Ashraf know what PS one classics you’d be willing to pay for in the comments section of his post. Heck, tell us which ones the EU PSN Store sorely needs.

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