Sine Mora Out Later Today. Here Are The Differences Between Versions

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We mentioned last week that Sine Mora would not be a “Cross-buy” title do to the fact that the Vita and PS3 versions of the game were different. We finally have word on what those differences are.

Exclusive to the PS3 version of the game is a Challenge Mode. In this mode you will have to try to beat different sections of the Story Mode levels. Each of these challenges lasts around 1 or 2 minutes.

The Vita version has a bunch of different options that can only be done on Vita like touch controls. There is also a “GPS Unlock Gallery” in the Vita version. Not really sure what that means but the press release says it “conveys the player’s cumulative progression”.

Both versions of the game will have a new character, Wilhelmina Muller who is from the shmup game Under Defeat.

Each version of the game costs $9.99 when it is released later today. Which version do you plan on picking up?

  • John

    Not sure yet, will play both demo’s later today.

  • Freelance

    Wow, was expecting $14.99 but this is nice. I thought it’d be higher than the PC version.

  • vita of course , i can play it on the big tv via PC!

  • Nexus

    PS3 for the 3D.

  • KosmoCrisis

    We’re giving away Sine Mora during Friday’s twitch.tv live stream. Tune in to win a copy on PS3 or Vita. Plus loads more!

  • pinsnpushers

    What a game! Sooo…are these fighter pilots speaking a made up language? My translator didn’t recognize anything they’ve said.