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Sega Announces AM2 Fighting Games Coming Next Week

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Sega has just announced that the AM2 developed Virtua Fighter 2, Sonic the Fighters, and Fighting Vipers arcade classics will all hit PSN starting in North America on November 27. Europe will join in on the fun one week later when the EU PlayStation Store updates on December 5.

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Virtua Vighter 2 hit arcades in 1994 and soon after for Saturn Saturn in 1995. In 1996, the AM2 team unleashed Sonic and pals into the fighting game arena via arcades. Close behind Sonic and Tails came Fighting Vipers for arcades and Sega Saturn. In 2012, they all are coming to Sony PlayStation 3.

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All three games will come to PSN as complete versions of the originals, just as they were in the arcade. I’m not sure if this means they’ve been upscaled to 1080p or they will look any better at all. They will include full online multiplayer and trophy support.

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Now begs the question, will you buy them all? Each game has been priced at $4.99/£3.69/€4.49. I’m curious if these games rank high on our readers’ wishlist? Which of these three classics have you played and were any of them innovative for their time?

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