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PlayStation Mobile Update – November 7

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Here is what is new on PSM this week.

You Are The Ref ($3.49 / £2.79 / ¥350)

Know your offside from your elbow? Consider yourself a soccer expert? Think you could do better than the ref?

You Are The Ref is the only soccer trivia app you’ll need.

Size: 37 MB
Players: 1
Supports: Touchscreen, Controller, On-screen Controller, Motion sensor

You Are The Umpire ($3.49 / £2.79 / ¥350)

Know your legside from your silly mid-off? Consider yourself a cricket expert? Thing you could do a better job than the umpire?

You Are The Umpire is the only cricket trivia app you’ll ever need.

Size: 24MB
Players: 1 Player
Supports: Touchscreen, Controller, On-screen Controller