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Planets Under Attack Launches Today

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Targem Games, the developers of Battle vs Chess, are bringing Planets Under Attack to PSN today. The game puts you in control of Humans or Robots as you travel throughout space conquering enemy planets.

Planets Under Attack features a campaign that essentially boils down to different races battling over different forms of currency. Humans are fighting for money, Robots for energy and Aliens seems to have their own motives of conquering the galaxy. The campaign contains thirty-two levels with King of the Hill, Domination, Elimination, Capture and Payback game modes.

The multiplayer in Planets Under Attack also allows you to play in King of the Hill, Domination and Capture with up to three other people.

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To give you a better sense of how the game plays we have a trailer as well as some screenshots you can check out. Planets Under Attack is available today on PSN in the US for $14.99