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Magrunner Combines Cthulu And Magnetism Next Year

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Set in the year 2050 Magrunner is set in a world where the Cthulu mythos and technology meet. You’ve been selected to participate in the Magtech competition to promote a new technology based upon magnetism from a multinational company called Gruckezber.

The event holds a prize of one million credits and, with live streams of the event hosted all over, it has caught the attention of the world. As these things go the contestants will naturally discover that there’s a dark side to this tournament and where things go from there is up to us to find out. Just a stab in the dark but I have a feeling it’s not going to be anything good.

The gameplay around Magrunner focuses on the use of the Magtech Glove. With it you can load objects with a positive or negative charge. Depending on the charges between objects will determine if they repel or attract each other. Using this mechanic you’ll go through the game solving puzzles and using the environment to progress. Much like Quantum Conundrum earlier this year it seems like this game will certainly take cues from Portal in more ways than one. Just as well according to the press release the game eventually turns into the world of Cthulu and is filled with monsters straight from H.P. Lovecraft himself.

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Magrunner is scheduled to release on PSN in Q2 of 2013.