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Wicked Monsters BLAST! Coming To PSN On November 13th

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Wicked Monsters BLAST!, a party game that previously saw a release in Europe this past September, is finally making its way to the US this November.

Wicked Monsters BLAST! is a shooting gallery party game that supports both the PlayStation Move and Dualshock controllers. The story follows events taking place after the disappearance of the boss of “The Wicked” in which you control one of nine characters in an attempt to dominate the world. You’ll play through fifteen stages in a random order each of which contain items that you can pick up and use to your advantage. Each of the nine characters have a specific plan for world domination that you’ll unlock once you’ve completed the game with them.

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Wicked Monsters BLAST! launches in the US via PSN on November 13th for $9.99.