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Rock Boshers DX Coming To PSM This Week

Posted by on October 23rd, 2012 | 1 Comment | Tags: ,

Tikipod‘s second PlayStation Mobile title should be hitting PlayStation Certified devices later tonight. Rock Boshers DX is a take on old ZX Spectrum games.

You can get a feel for the gameplay in this video from Rock Boshers

The game’s 15 color palette will probably melt your eyes when played on the Vita’s OLED screen. Ok all kidding aside, this game is about as retro as retro gets. It has 8 way directional shooting, tribute graphics and 8bit music. Here is a list from the developer with all of the game’s features:

  • Top-down 8-way directional shooting.
  • Amazing 8-bit pixel art drawn from an eye-popping palette of 15 colours.
  • Authentic 8-bit music and sound effects.
  • Revisit the 1980s, with snack friendly 12 minute load times.
  • Special turbo-load feature that eliminates those tedious load times.
  • Time completion challenges for each of the 22 levels.
  • Hunt for Tea, Cheddar and Scones.
  • Battle a variety of increasingly challenging enemies.
  • Brand new levels as well as reworked ones from original.
  • Rocks! lots and lots of rocks to bosh.

If you are a fan of ZX Spectrum games at all it might be worth checking out. Look for some impressions on the site later in the week.

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