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PlayStation Mobile Developer Interview: Samurai Beatdown

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I personally love rhythm games of all sorts. Samurai Beatdown is one such game where you will have to tap to the beat in order to dispatch foes. We had a quick chat with Beatnik Games about their plans for Samurai Beatdown post launch and what it was like making the game for PSM.

Q: What exactly is Samurai Beatdown?

Samurai Beatdown is a Rhythm Action Side Scrolling beat ‘em up!

Q: How does rhythm play a part in the gameplay?

Enemies come from the left and right and you must attack them in time to the music!

Q: Do different levels have different songs?

Each level has a unique song and feel to it with a variety of enemies present in the level. There are also difficulties to unlock (like most Rhythm Action games it’s best played on Hard!).

Q: Are there any power-ups or special moves you can perform?

We’ve launched with one special powerup – Frenzy Mode but we’re planning lots more for future updates.

Q: You mention that the game will be “constantly updated”. Does this mean that PSM has a streamlined update process for devs?

We can update PSM games as and when we like! We’re planning on keeping Samurai Beatdown interesting with new fresh levels and twists on the mechanics with constant updates.

Q: We have been asking this to most the developers we interviewed. What made you choose to release this game on PSM?

As an Indie developer we’re very interested in emerging platforms – especially PlayStation Mobile. We worked extremely hard to get Samurai Beatdown finished in time to be a Launch Title. We think PSM is going to be huge!

Q: What has you most excited about the platform?

I feel like the market for PlayStation Mobile will be very exciting. Just with the nature of the devices supported (finally we have buttons – Vita and Xperia Play) I feel we could make some very interesting and cool games people will really enjoy on mobile devices (I loved Super Crate Box but I cringed when I played on the iPhone – however I think PlayStation Mobile is an ideal platform).

Q: Anything else you would like our readers to know about Samurai Beatdown?

We really wanted to ship with more content but we didn’t have enough time to hit the launch title date. The music was made bespoke with help from The Audio Guys and Michiel van den Bos and they did an amazing job but we didn’t feel we could give the game the amount of polish needed and cram all additional content in.

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Thanks to Sherif over at Beatnik Games for answering our questions. You can check the game out right now for $0.99. Look for details on future updates here on PSNStores.com