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Generation of Chaos: Pandora’s Reflection Coming To PSP Via PSN Next February

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The PSVita may be approaching close to a full year of being released but that doesn’t mean that developers are done with the PSP just yet. NISA has announced that they’ll be bringing over Idea Factory’s new SRPG Generation of Chaos: Pandora’s Reflection exclusively to the PSP via PSN next February in both North American and Europe.

Generation of Chaos takes place in a world in which dark clouds block out the sun and a strong choking fog covers the entirety of the land. In a world known as Hades two siblings, a young girl named Yuri cursed with a life draining disease and her brother Claude, travel in the search for a cure only to find themselves wrapped up in a battle that’ll decide the fate of the world.

The game features an active-time battle system in which you’ll move units across the battle field in real time in an attempt to gain the upper hand on your enemy. You’ll also fight to gain control of key locations in battle as well as set up ranged weaponry and summon large monsters to increase your chances of victory. Alchemy points will be gained by defeating enemies and breaking down gear to upgrade your characters. Just as well Generation of Chaos will also feature multiple endings for players to watch.

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Generation of Chaos: Pandora’s Reflection is scheduled to release on the PSP via the PlayStation Network in February 2013 in both North America and Europe.