#FreeCodeFridays – Derrick The Deathfin [Ended]

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Update: Contest is over the winner should have been emailed. It might be in your Spam folder…

Starting a new idea here at PSNStores. We are going to try to get a voucher for a game every week and give it away on Fridays.

This week we have a copy of Derrick The Deathfin to give away. Simply enter a legit email or login with Facebook. This promo will run into Saturday, but starting next week we will pick the winner on Friday night.

  • tiny_tim31

    Whale sharks because they are so peaceful.

  • zero110100

    My favorite shark is the hammerhead shark.

  • White shark 🙂

  • Tiger Shark

  • Great White Shark 🙂

  • D M

    Great White

  • jd

    Gotta go with the Pyjama Shark, definitely the coolest looking shark

  • My favorite kind of shark is the hammerhead shark! 😛

  • Bullshark..They can live in salt or fresh water..It’s not safe to swim anywhere with them around!

  • Paper Craft

  • Gotta be the Goblin Shark.

  • I like Tiger Sharks

  • Tiger shark

  • cyndyvue


  • MEGATON LIke the one from the movies XD

  • Great White

  • Dave

    I’ve always been partial to card sharks myself.

  • A Paper Shark 😛

  • Megashark

  • loan shark 😛

  • super delicious shark =P

  • Hammerhead, cos it does what it says on the tin

  • Agent X

    A paper shark can’t harm me…so I’ll go with that one!

  • readytorelease

    Dead, Cooked & Curried, yummy & good

  • Daniel

    The kind of shark that is in fish fingers!