Spend $100 In The PlayStation Store Throughout October And Get $20 Back

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Lining up in time with the Day 1 Digital program Sony will be running throughout the month of October is another Pay $XX/Get $XX back deal being offered to PSN users.

Much like similar deals that have been offered in the past if you spend $100 in the PlayStation Store throughout the month of October you’ll receive $20 credit back. If you planned on purchasing any of those retail games that are launching on the PSN store this should prove relatively easy. At this time we can only confirm this deal for the US PlayStation Store, but check your inbox to see if they are doing it in your region as well.

[Source: PlayStation Weekly Email // Image Credit: @AznKnight613]

  • Knowing how much I normally spend on Rock Band content, this’ll nearly be a lock for me to earn. Will pick up Tokyo Jungle on the 1st, while still on sale. There’s a sale on a Guitar Hero pack coming up. Unless the RB content is all bad Country tracks, I’ll probably be at around $70 with what I mentioned above.
    Hmmm… If Joe Danger 2 ends up being in October, there’s another $12-15. Yeah, it might be close, but I’ll get there.

  • So spend $100 anywhere in the Store?

  • This is a nice push towards the digital future. They only need a few more things done and people should be all for it other than the collectors or physical content. Looking good for the next generation.

  • ruibinh

    Wonder if this includes PS plus.

  • Ok, so I just finished spendind $ 100,93 on PSN Store this month and the $ 20 didn’t kick in…

    • Annoyed

      I didn’t get mine, either… wtf?

    • Annoyed 2

      I didn’t get mines either and it’s the 9th of November, what the heck Sony?!