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Sound Shapes Sample Tracks – September 7th 2012

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Sound Shapes Sample Tracks is a weekly post where the editors from PSNStores.com pick their favorite community levels from Sound Shapes. Have a favorite of your own? Leave a link in the comments and maybe you might see it in a future edition of Sample Tracks.


While I loved the campaign in Sound Shapes, I kind of wished that some of the levels would have been a little more challenging; thankfully that’s where the community comes in. DESTROYERS ARE HERE is definitely one of the more challenging levels I have played. The level is chock-full of deadly obstacles and a lot of the time you will have very little space to work with, making the timing and accuracy of your movements a very important thing. Along with the great platforming the music in DESTROYERS is great, offering a good underlying beat with the coins that the environmental sounds fit in perfectly with.
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It’s kind of surprising the unique things that people can do with the editor in Sound Shapes. Like in Lost City you have a hub area with three different elevators you can take. Each elevator leads to a self-contained area (with different music and style) and at the end of each area there is a switch you must hit that adds a block to the hub area. The three blocks that are added allow you to head to the exit of the level, which is an interesting mechanic. The creator also makes good use of switches and bounce blocks throughout the level and includes a real innovative (although slightly frustrating) spaceship section.
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Rain on my Window is a journey through the clouds. This selection is a little laid back compared to the other two, but still offers a fun and good sounding level to play.  Most of the level is made up entirely of clouds and uses the blue rockets from the Hello World set as rain and the electricity from Corporeal as lightning, which is a neat idea that works well. I also really enjoyed the way the window pane (which you play through in the 2nd last screen) is recreated at the end of the level.
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Check back next week for some more gems from the Sound Shapes community.
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