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Pro Pinball: Revived and Remastered Needs Backers for its Kickstarter

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If you were under the impression that The Pinball Arcade and Zen Pinball 2 were already more pinball than you needed, get ready for a rude awakening. Pro Pinball developer Silverball Studios wants to revive and remaster the original four tables for every platform including PSN for PS3 and Vita.

Here’s the serious part of it all. If you really want this to happen as well, then you need to be a backer of their Kickstarter project and you need to do it now. They are only a quarter of the way to their goal with only one week remaining on the clock to get the ball rolling.

It seems their mission is to use the money to fund the restoration process for the classic tables in an effort to release them in early 2013. They are also targeting multiple platforms from smart phones and tablets to home consoles and handhelds. Silverball Studios put together and very impressive lighting tech demo running on the iPad.

Once they get the old tables out into the various marketplaces, then they can use the talents of Pat Lawlor, famous for designing The Addams Family table amongst others, to create brand new tables only possible in a digital space. Its clear they have what it takes to pose a threat to the two big dogs in the virtual pinball arena. Will you help fund their project and promote friendly competition?