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PAX Prime 2012: The Cave

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Double Fine is known for its creative games that also happen to be a ton of fun. On the PlayStation Network, they’ve released the beloved Costume Quest and Stacking. Also, Psychonauts is on its way as a PS2 Classic Throwback Jam (or whatever they’re calling PS2 rereleases). But you probably already knew all of that since you visit our site religiously and love independent video games. What you may not be so knowledgeable about is The Cave, their newest game.

The Cave is Double Fine’s endeavor at combining a 2D platformer and an adventure game. It has all of the elements of a quality adventure game, including brain-tickling puzzles and top-notch voice acting/narration. At the demo’s outset, I was shown 7 characters. Each time I scrolled to a new one, I was met with a detailed backstory about how the character got to The Cave. I chose The Twins (mostly because they reminded me of the twins in The Shining) and walked into The Cave to find a gift shop owner down in the dumps. He told me that I needed to venture into The Cave to find some wares worthy enough to sell in his shop. I jumped onto a rickety bridge with a sign in the middle that depicted three silhouettes. I quickly figured that I need to bring two other characters along for the ride. When we all three fell into The Cave, the puzzles kept piling on.

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After a bit of pondering here and there with a touch of platforming and careful consideration, I eventually finished the demo by tossing a hotdog onto a spike, ringing a bell to lure out a ferocious creature, then switching to another character who pulled a lever that captured the creature in a crane. Besides for the art style and the narration, my favorite part about The Cave is that it found the correct difficulty balance. I had to experiment with pieces of the puzzle before the solution to the entire thing clicked. I’m very much looking forward to The Cave, and you should be too. Fingers crossed for some tough platforming sections, too!