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PAX Prime 2012: Frobisher Says

Posted by on September 5th, 2012 | 0 Comments | Tags: ,

There are several Vita apps that we at PSNStores.com want to make it stateside stat. Of them, Frobisher Says is probably the most hilarious (I say probably because Wake Up Club provides a darker, perhaps more philosophical type of humor). The game takes a cue from WarioWare, the highly addictive micro-games series that debuted on GameBoy Advance. When I picked up the Vita showcasing the game, I was met with a simple command: “Frobisher Says, play my stupid game!” I obeyed.

Each micro-game starts out with the British Frobisher commanding you to do different things. For instance, “Frobisher Says, fan this woman!” at which point you flap the Vita up and down toward an exhausted woman on a train. “Frobisher Says, rain on their parade, hahaha!” has you tilting the Vita to control a rain cloud. There’s a parade happily marching across the screen and, you guessed it, you have to rain on it. “Frobisher Says, find something red!” makes you look around you and take a picture of anything red. What I’m getting at here is that not only is this game wickedly funny, it also accurately showcases every one of the Vita’s hardware features. I even learned new things that the Vita could do, like tell if you’re blinking your eyes or not.

It’s out in Europe for free, comes with 25 micro-games, and has a bunch of DLC to expand the experience. Frobisher Says, “COME TO THE US NOW!”