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PAX Prime 2012: Double Dragon Neon

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We last came across Double Dragon Neon at PAX East in April. If you heard our lukewarm impressions on our mini-casts, then you know that we weren’t fans of the game at all. It controlled sluggishly, the graphics failed to impress, and the fighting was subpar. Since then, the game has come a very long ways. As a joke, Chris and I allowed Brad to experience the game without first telling him how crappy it was. Turns out the joke was on us because it wasn’t long before I hopped in as the second player and Brad and I were cross-screen high-fiving our way through the neon streets.

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Some features that weren’t in the game back in April showed up here including a more polished high-five system, an 80’s inspired power-ballad soundtrack, and mixtapes. High-fiving can’t be done alone. One player presses a direction on the right analogue stick to initiate the high-five. The second player has to press either up, down, left, or right on his right analogue stick to complete the slap. Different directions perform different actions, from attack bonuses to splitting health. When I put on headphones that the representative at the booth handed me, I was greeted by some totally awesome tunes that reminded me simultaneously of Poison and Awesomenauts (the PSN game that recently took some similar inspiration for its music). Mixtapes drop from defeated enemies, crates, etc. and unlock a ton of stuff. There’s also a shop system where you can upgrade abilities and learn new combos. What I initially thought was going to be a dud has evolved into a dudical experience. Can anyone say Cowabunga!?