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Vita system software update v1.80 brings PS One Classics and more late August

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System Software v1.80 is coming late August according Eric Lempel, the vice president of Sony Network Entertainment. The update is easily the biggest and baddest the Vita has seen aside from maybe 1.0.

In addition to PS One classics support, here is the list of other Vita enhancements:

  • PS One classics: screen capture support (not available in all applications)
  • PS One classics: settings to enhance playback
  • Cross-Controller: Use the Vita as a second screen and native controller for PS3 games. LittleBigPlanet 2 is the only title mentioned so far to have Cross-Controller DLC.
  • Controls: Option allows control of the home screen and some parts of applications by way of the Vita’s physical buttons
  • Music: Import playlists from iTunes (version 10.6.3) using Content Manager on PC. Import playlist from PS3.
  • Web browser: Use the rear touch pad to scroll or zoom instead of your fat greasy fingers on the front touch screen.
  • Video: Playback Speed Control and Repeat Play features are being added.
  • Photo: .mpo (Multi Picture Object) format image support. Transfer MPO files from PC using Content Manager or from PS3. Although the Vita will not be able to view the files in 3D so what’s the point.
  • Group Messaging: Layout enhancements. Also, take photos to add as attachments to group messages
  • Maps: A button has been added at the top that switches between “Search for Location” and “Search for Directions”. Long press anywhere on the map to place a user flag.
  • near: The application will now “gather” information from nearby wifi hotspots without an actual internet connection. This data will be used to update your location or previous location at the next internet connection. Good for Vitas without 3G.

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