Vita Firmware 1.80 Allows You To Control PSP Games With Touchscreen

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Not mentioned in today’s PlayStation Blog post about Vita firmware 1.80 is the ability to control PSP games by using the touch screen. As seen in these shots below you can now assign different controller inputs to the corners of the Vita touch screen.

[gallery_imgs dir=”http://media.psnstores.com/vita/180/” num=”2″]

While this is something I would probably never use, it is still great to have the option available. Sony also seems to have added support to map the Right Stick to the L and R buttons. We will be on the look out for more stealth features added via 1.80

H/T Andrefpvs

  • mongusa32

    Where is R2 and L2? Why not map the right stick with the rear touchpad? What Sony thinking?

    • R2 and L2… for PSP games?

    • Luke_FM

      Are you Crazy!? lol PSP doesnt have R2 and L2! lol

  • you can also change what the right stick does like make it L/R trigger

  • Rugacubo

    Maybe cause the psp doesnt have l2/r2 buttons my friend

    • Chris

      huh you can make the right stick act like the L and R buttons. No one said anything about L2/R2

  • Chris

    If you don’t know how to access the menu to do this all you need to do is hold down on the touch screen for a few seconds.

  • Guest

    Vita’s a failure and so is the 1.80 update. Beat that $ony!