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Spelunker HD Championship Mode DLC Announced

Posted by on August 24th, 2012 | 0 Comments | Tags:

North Americans and Europeans, zip up your red jumpsuit and switch on your headlamp, because there’s more spelunking to be done starting August 28th. Tozai Games announced today that Spelunker HD is receiving a software patch and a bevy of Championship Mode DLC packs.

The initial patch improves screen views in the online multiplayer mode and includes EX1, the first expansion pack. Each expansion pack includes 10 new stages. EX2-EX8 will be available soon after the patch launches for $1.99/€1.99 each. Tozai even announced that two more packs are expected next month. PS+ members will receive a %50 discount on the initial game as well as the DLC packs for two weeks starting August 28th.

I am extremely excited about this news. It’s been months since I laid down my controller as the number one Spelunker HD player in the US/EU. Since then, my score has been bested a few times. I can’t guarantee that this DLC will spark another highscore chase, but I do look forward to exploring new caverns in one of my favorite PSN titles. Look for more info and of course impressions when the packs release next week. I’ll be on a train to Seattle to attend PAX along with Chris and Brad, but I’m sure we’ll set aside some time to try out the new stages.