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Sound Shapes Sample Tracks – August 24th 2012

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Sound Shapes Sample Tracks is a weekly post where the editors from PSNStores.com pick their favorite community levels from Sound Shapes. Have a favorite of your own? Leave a link in the comments and maybe you might see it in a future edition of Sample Tracks.

“Shadow of the Colossus” by mothflight

I’ll be the first to scoff at generic “SMB 1-1” remakes or simple tune reproductions, but what mothflight’s level does is much, much more. Anyone who has played Shadow of the Colossus will be transported back to the iconic boss-rush game first released on PS2. The different colossi are represented as traversable terrain, much like in the original game. You’ll come across Hydrus, the electric leviathan, Phaedra, the skeletal horse that requires you to hide in underground catacombs, and more. mothflight even manages to capture the epic scope of SotC in his backgrounds and environments. Players will recognize the long white bridge, the temple (which you revisit at the end to greatly accurate detail), and the final assault on Malus, complete with homing attacks. For those who have played SotC, this level is a walk down memory lane. For those who haven’t, it’s a creative Sound Shapes level that contains some nifty platforming elements.
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“Ballade estivale” by Orioto

Orioto tilts Sound Shapes players’ heads slightly to the left in this creative level that binds platforming and music. You’ll need to listen closely to the beat in order to make very difficult jumps, which is, to me, the essence of Sound Shapes. Making your way to the finish line is no easy feat, but the skilled, focused gamer will appreciate what Orioto has done here. Bravo.
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“Metamorphose” by Tabulator_AT

Making circles and squares resemble creatures is fairly difficult to do. Adding engrossing environments and novel platforming elements is and even more daunting task. Tabulator_AT shows the progression from larva to butterfly in a series of screens. They start out creepy, with red backgrounds, slimy red hazards, and caterpillars discharging their tongues to try to recapture you. The backgrounds pulsate when you pass them, and even the music, a collection of burps and synths, sounds discomforting. After passing a cocoon wrapped in silky webs, though, the silver lining is revealed in the clouds. Oh, and there’s a hidden monstrosity to be found off the beaten path, too! Good luck beating my top time.
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Check back next week for some more gems from the Sound Shapes community.
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