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Sound Shapes Sample Tracks – August 17th 2012

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Sound Shapes Sample Tracks is a weekly post where the editors from PSNStores.com pick their favorite community levels from Sound Shapes. Have a favorite of your own? Leave a link in the comments and maybe you might see it in a future edition of Sample Tracks.

“Factory 13” by AngelicShadow11

Factory 13 is a great level using mostly items and sounds from the CORPOREAL album. You get a feeling that the creator was really inspired by it. The quality and the length of Factory 13 is really the reason why I picked it this week. I think that is just as good as any of the levels in the actual CORPOREAL album. You can also notice that they use many of the same tricks, like having parts of levels upside down and having office workers milling around. When you exit the factory and you hear those flutes it just puts a smile to my face.

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“And I to Fire” by jordanbuster

And I to Fire does some really interesting things with the game’s level editor. This is the first level I have seen that tries to convey a story via “cutscenes”. Using items like the teleport pipe, jordanbuster uses all black terrian and red lines to share a small story with the player. The level also features a really great melody that comes back again and again. I really like it when creators build the levels in such a way that you are constantly hearing different parts of a song. There is also some light puzzle solving but nothing too hard. Definitely a level to check out.

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“Containment (a 3×3 maze)” by VengefulTorture

Containment is a maze type level, I am sure you guessed that from the title. But it has some wonderful puzzles to solve along the way. There are four gates that must be opened in order to beat the level. While all the puzzles just have you pushing blocks, I do like that each different block makes you use a different platforming skill. This level also features a ton of hazards you must avoid. There is also a mini-map so you don’t get lost!

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Check back next week for some more gems from the Sound Shapes community.