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Positron Coming to PlayStation Mobile This Fall

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The PlayStation Mobile Sizzle Reel clearly communicates that PlayStation Mobile is bringing some choice indie gaming to PS Vita and Android devices. Positron is one of the games shown to be running on the PS Vita at Gamescom 2012.

Roughly 45 seconds into this sizzle reel you might notice a game called Positron, now being ported to PS Mobile, and its similarity to the Tron light cycles. Featuring more than 50 levels across three game modes, Positron tests your reflexes and navigational abilities to reach the games goals. The three modes include Arena, Maze, and Race.

Positron is being developed by Retroburn Game Studios Ltd based in Wakefield, England. Martin Caine, not to be confused with Michael Caine from the Dark Knight films, is the lead programmer, producer, and director of all the game projects Retroburn is working on across a plethora platforms. While his team work on Positron in their free time, everyone there will get a percentage of the revenue that the games generate.

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The latest press release mentions that when Positron hits PlayStation Mobile and PS Vita, the visuals can be compared to that of the XBLA version. The game is in the localization process and likely to arrive alongside the launch of PlayStation Mobile this fall. Keep checking back with PSNStores to get the latest on additional PlayStation Mobile titles.