PlayStation Plus headed to Vita, Cloud Storage increased to 1GB

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In addition to the oft requested PS One classics support, the community has been pressing Sony to extend their PS Plus subscription service to the PlayStation Vita. This September, PS Plus subscribers will get what they have been asking for, with “various services.”

If you’re like us and have used up the 150 MB of PS Plus-enabled cloud storage space, then news that its being increased to 1 GB should be music to your ears. With such a hefty increase in size, its safe to assume that cloud saves will be one of the services that Vita owners will have access to.

The problem with this is game saves are not externally accessible with the current system software. They can only be backed up along with everything else contained on the Vita by way of one massive back up file onto the PS3 or PC. If you wanted to restore your save data, you’re forced to restore that entire back up file.

Considering Sony has everything arranged, what PS Plus exclusive services would you like to see implemented for PS Vita?

[Source: US PlayStation Blog]