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Passing Time Announced For PlayStation Mobile

Posted by on August 15th, 2012 | 1 Comment | Tags:

Honeyslug, the makers of Kahoots and Frobisher Says, have a new title coming to PlayStation Mobile entitled Passing Time.

Everything here is simplified down to the essence of soccer, because most of the time it is no fun to play a sports can on a touch screen. All the players will run automatically so you are just tasked with passing, shooting and tackling. But that doesn’t mean you can’t mark opponents or have a player make a run at the net, all can be done with touch controls.

They plan to offer up 4 game modes when it launches later this year, Passing Time, Challenge, Friendly and League. From the looks of the trailer, Passing Time has you trying to pass the ball around a group of defenders without it getting stolen. There seems to also be some power-ups, so it isn’t just kicking a ball around all the time. How about a ball that is on fire or perhaps a bomb.

The other game modes are unknown but you can guess that Friendly and League will just be regular soccer matches.

So look for this on your PSM supported device or PlayStation Vita later this year.