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E3: SunFlowers Brings A Ray Of Fun To Vita

Posted by on June 6th, 2012 | 1 Comment | Tags: ,

One of the surprises for me this year at E3 was seeing SunFlowers at the PlayStation booth. We had heard about the game before and it looked rather interesting, but I didn’t really know if the gameplay would grab me. Well it looks that the makers of The Flying Hamster might have a hit for all ages on their hands.

The gameplay is really simple; you use either the front or back touch panel to move the sun back and forth across the screen. Double tapping either touch panel shoot a ray of sunlight down towards the ground. Laying on the ground are different seeds which need some help to grow. The way this happens is by giving them water. But how on earth do you get water from sunlight? Well you have to shoot those beams into happy looking clouds, duh.

These clouds scroll across the screen at variable speeds. And like I said, when you have the sunlight go into these clouds a rain drop will form. If this drop happens to go into another cloud you can get a combo and make the drop grow bigger. Bigger drops feed the flowers more, thus making them grow quicker.

There are some hazards however. If you happen to miss a friendly cloud your sunlight will burn any seeds or flowers it touches. There are also thunderstorm clouds which will shoot a lightning bolt down which also burn anything it touches. Thus making your sun sad 🙁

After the flowers fully bloom they added your garden, this is where the game gets a sort of “gotta catch’em all” feel. When in the garden you can see the number of times you have found each flower type, plus how rare they are. You can also take any extra flowers you have and cross pollinate them, making new and possibly rarer ones.

Besides the standard game there is also a sort of expansion which has you embarking on a topical adventure with even more flowers to grow and collect. With simple gameplay that is both fast and fun, I can see myself getting lost in this game really easily. I don’t have a date or price yet for the game, but it seemed like it was pretty much done when I played. Keep checking back for more info on SunFlowers.