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Dungeon Twister Coming To PSN July 3rd

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Dungeon Twister will be making its way onto the PlayStation Network the week of July 3rd in both North America and Europe.

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This exclusive PSN game is an adaptation of a popular board game of the same name. This two player game takes roughly 30 mintues to complete and it is best compared as a hybrid of D&D and Chess. Each player has 8 adventures and it is your goal either flee the dungeon with a character or fight and kill an opponent. There are all sorts of strategies that you can use and if you want to learn more you should check out the official site.

There is both a single player mode with over 20 missions and online multiplayer where an ELO system is used so that you are playing with someone who is roughtly the same skill level. There is no word on the price of the game as of posting.