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Dear the Playstation Network, Speak Up!

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Dear the Playstation Network,

PS3 and PSN only do everything, except open their mouth.  With so many great team-based multiplayer titles out there, it has become an increasing frustration to get teamwork out of any of them.  I just finished three rush rounds of Battlefield 3 on three different servers.  Each server had the full 24 people playing, and each time my team got its ass handed to them.  Out of the 12 nerds on my team, guess how many people had microphones on and were working together: None.  Three full squads of nerds, and not a single microphone to be heard (obviously I’m not counting the one guy who you could audibly hear pretzels being chomped on).  Awesomenauts has the same problems.  You can’t win against nauts who can actually strategize with each other.

Syncing a Bluetooth is so, so simple.  Unfortunately, it’s also much, much harder than mindlessly plugging a headphone jack into your controller.  Oh and its batteries die.  And some of them sound scratchy.  And even when you turn it on…there’s no one there to talk back to you.

Turn on those dusty mics folks, I’m sick of losing.

forever in your debt,