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Awesomenauts Korean Release, Patch Notes, and Shoes

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Look to the skies, Korea! Awesomenauts is coming out June 20th!

Though the Awesomenauts patch isn’t out just yet in America, there are a few more updates to what will be changed. Most notable is the power of Voltar’s drones. At the moment, his drones are super effective at tanking turrets and deal a bit too much damage. To make up for this, the drones’ base health is reduced and his Force Fields item will be replaced with an item that makes the drone shots blind enemies. They will also explode and deal damage upon death. The second shot damage item will be replaced with an item that improves drone explosion damage. Sounds confusing, but read it over once more and it should make sense, especially if you’ve played the game.

Other updates include:

  • Leon’s tongue ability can be upgraded further at the cost of his melee damage.
  • The Power Pills Turbo item (a late-game max health upgrade) will be replaced with an item that increases your health by a small amount for free. This will cater to those looking for a quick early-game boost.
  • Lonestar’s bull will get an item that makes it explode on death, dealing AOE damage. It will replace the bull’s current speed upgrade item.

The updates will fix some balance issues while making more item builds viable in competitive play.

Ronimo is also making some huge connectivity improvements. I’ll let their words tell it like it is:

Once the patch is live there will be two subtle changes you’ll notice. First off, we’ll be displaying your NAT type on the game session setup screen. If this displays ‘NAT:moderate’ or ‘NAT:strict’, you could try and change your router settings. But you might want to try heading online first, because we’ve also greatly improved the connectivity for players using the Moderate and Strict settings. This last fix has given us some trouble, but trust us when we say it will be worth the wait!

Last but not least, there’s a pair of Awesomenauts sneakers being given away courtesy of Kyozokicks. This is what they look like:
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What I wouldn’t do for some Awesomenauts shoes…