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Social Video Service, Nico Nico, released today for Vita

Posted by on May 29th, 2012 | 1 Comment | Tags:

A new app is here for your Vita! This one is called Nico Nico and its a social video service that’s way more popular in Japan than it is here in North America. Nico Nico is a bit different than YouTube or TwitchTV because it allows users to post live comments on the actual video itself. That’s kind of cool, if you don’t mind a bunch of scrolling text rolling past the video you’re trying to watch. With Nico Nico, you’ll aslo be able to watch live videos or even broadcast live to the whole world directly from your Vita. (Broadcasting live and uploading videos will be added as a feature in a future update.)

The super cool thing about this app comes on June 4th, when you will be able to watch the entire Sony press conference live directly on that beautiful OLED screen via Nico Nico. If you’re into watching random videos and interacting with others, then download Nico Nico today! …or just wait ’till E3 comes next week.