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Gem Smashers Coming To Vita This November

Posted by on May 14th, 2012 | 4 Comments | Tags:

According to the game’s official website Gem Smashers is a casual puzzle game that’s based upon the GBA version of the game (released in 2003) that’s been recreated and updated for the ‘modern market’.

The game contains a Story, Battle and Arcade mode with other modes to unlock as well. You can choose from three different playable characters which include their own style of play and there’s over 50 different bonuses throughout playing the game that can add a bonus to your score or change the game mechanics.

All of this together provides over 200 levels to beat. Below we have some screenshots for the Vita version of the game and above a trailer so you can see what the game looks like in motion. The trailer is NOT of the Vita version.

Gem Smashers will be out on the PSVita on November 16th of this year for £29.99