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Check Out This Minis Game: Nom Nation

Posted by on May 17th, 2012 | 2 Comments | Tags:

Minis don’t seem to get a lot of press so when a quality one is released I try to do my part. Nom Nation is the focus of this post today.

In the game you are a chef who is trying to rescue the Book of Nom from Jabber the Gut, head of the McFatass Corporation. To do this you have to eat all these different types of personified foods (the noms). Each of these noms has a different type of mineral or vitamin which when you eat and digest, yes there is only room for so many in your stomach, give the Chef powers.

For example eating a cheeseburger will make you fat so you can weigh platforms down, espresso will give you a caffeine rush making you extra speedy. The game has some great pixel art and animations to boot.

So if you are in the EU region you should definitely check it out. It even is priced reasonably at €1.99. We should probably have a review up by next week, so be on the look out for that. Until then check out the official site for the game.