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Awesomenauts Update, Free Theme Song Download

Posted by on May 25th, 2012 | 1 Comment | Tags: ,

An update on a few matters Awesome has made its way into my inbox. Here are some of the notable details:

  • PlayStation Plus Members act fast if you haven’t yet, Awesomenauts will be free for only a few more days.
  • One of the biggest requests from fans has been a soundtrack release. Sonic Picnic is working to release the soundtrack on Bandcamp by Just 1st. For now, you can download the extended theme song for free by clicking these words and sending a tweet.
  • Ronimo has been play-testing a new build of Awesomenauts to finalize balance tweaks and new characters. What will change in the patch? Leon’s slow upgrades and tongue, Voltar’s drones and healing, Yuri’s timebubble, and Forggy G’s whirlwind shield. Apart from tweaking existing values, they will also be replacing a couple of upgrades. No further details are available.
  • Do you live in the Netherlands? Then Ronimo is inviting you to take a look at the new characters, items, and balance changes. Check out the forum thread on their website for more details.

There’s no exact date on the patch just yet, but Ronimo is hoping to get it out in a few short weeks. In the meantime, you can keep earning prestiges and going 12-0 in matches, just like me! Everybody wants to be like EEEASE, right?