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Conception: Please Have My Babies Probably Coming To The US

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You might remember a few months back when Conception was first announced and the general reaction falling upon the typical “oh Japan!” mindset. If not allow me to introduce you to Conception.

Within the game you play as a high school student taken to a parallel world known as Granvania. This world is being attacked by the Kegare (demons) and can only be fought off by someone known as Marebito (the Messiah). As luck would have it you are the Messiah. Now the twist to this Good vs. Evil format lies within what the title is suggesting. The demons can also be hurt by the Star Children. These Star Children are the offspring the Messiah and the zodiac maidens. To build a strong party to defeat the demons you’ll need to build relationships with these maidens and, you guessed it, have their babies. The deeper your love the stronger the baby will be.

Dungeons within the game are randomized and your party of up to 12 Star Children will partake in turn-based combat. There’s no date set for US release just yet and the title of the game is subject to change. (It has to right?)

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