Tokyo Jungle Lets You Dress Your Animals In The Best Outfits

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As if we weren’t already excited enough for Tokyo Jungle the game just got even crazier. As you already know it’s dangerous out there in the Tokyo Jungle so venturing out without the proper gear is a big no-no. So here’s just a few of the costumes you’ll be able to equip to your animal.

From first to last that’s a Garbage Bag, Schoolgirl, Hip Hop, Guard Dog, Bear, and Pet outfit. Each of which will also provide special boosts to your animal. For instance the schoolgirl outfit will increase your max health capacity while the garbage bag keeps you protected from disease. You can’t make this kind of stuff up.

Here are those outfits IN ACTION!

Tokyo Jungle is set for a June 7th release in Japan. Still holding out for a localization announcement over here!