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Worms Ultimate Mayhem Hits PSN February 14th

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Worms Ultimate Mayhem is a compilation of the best parts of both Worms 3D and Worms 4: Mayhem. The game features over 60 single player missions, 38 different weapons, 10 deathmatch challenges, five online and offline multiplayer modes and plenty of customizable options.

This time around Team 17 have added improvements to the camera, a new ultility (Binoculars), an auto shot-assist for Easy mode as well as some loyalty content. Just as well the game features up-scaled textures, new water effects, higher polygon counts, real-time lighting and dynamic shadows to improve the overall look of the game. New music has been included and cutscenes have been totally redone. For those of you who love trophies the game will include a Platinum.

PlayStation Plus subscribers will get a discount off the $14.99 price tag when Worms Ultimate Mayhem arrives on February 14th.