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Skullgirls Dev Diary and Story Mode Trailer

Posted by on February 3rd, 2012 | 0 Comments | Tags:

Skullgirls is close to nearing completion and with that in mind today the developers shared a hefty amount of information regarding many of the features included in the game.

For starters the game’s story mode, featured in the trailer above, takes place through a series of alternate timelines. Each of the eight playable characters will appear throughout each timeline in a series of short vignettes used to progress each story along.

Aside from story mode the game will feature what looks to be an extensive training mode. In past interviews it seems like the developers behind Skullgirls have wanted to ensure the game is accessible to everyone. The tutorial features seventeen different courses that are set up to explain not only how to play Skullgirls but also the basics of the fighting game genre. As someone who knows very little about the genre I’ll personally be very interested to see how well the tutorials work.

As you’d expect Skullgirls also features an arcade mode as well as ranked and unranked online play. Rounding out the list of features, and sure to make PS3 users happy, is the inclusion of custom soundtrack support and PS3 exclusive trophies. (The game will apparently have four exclusive trophies.)

In the coming weeks we’ll get the announcement of the eighth and final playable character as well as the release date and price.