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Rock of Ages PSN Update

Posted by on February 1st, 2012 | 0 Comments | Tags:

“There’s been some recent change of plans regarding this version. I can’t elaborate more, but I believe PS3 users will be happy when we release more news.” This is the latest news we have about the long delayed Rock of Ages PSN version. The above quote was posted on the ACE Team Forums by Andres Bordeu a co-founder of the company on January 16th.

It seems that before this the game was stuck in QA hell, with a version of the game getting sent back from certification around Xmas time. “The game got bounced back from the certification team. We still have to make a few changes before they greenlight it. It should be back in Sony’s hands next week,” Andres said.

I questioned Atlus, the publisher for the game, back in December and was told that it was “coming shortly.” However this was before it got sent back from Sony QA.

ACE Team is learning from this though. Andres also mentioned that, “Building this version has been much of a learning experience for us, so we’re making sure to to address these issues early on development for our next title.”

So hold tight, I will contact Atlus again and see if I can figure out what this new development is.

[Source: ACE Team Forum]